"Love Your Tribe" Sale @ Bandera Pointe Market, Feb. 13, 2021

  • How does having a Mom Tribe comfort a child?

    Having a Mom Tribe matters…a lot.

    Over on my consulting (Your Child and Family Solutions) website , I shared about how having your own tribe helps your kids out as much as as it helps you. Of course, this is true for any parent or caregiver, whether you’re a mom, a dad, a grandparent, a foster parent, or a teacher. 

    How so?

    In a nutshell, research has consistently shown that surrounding kids with positive, nurturing relationships like those exhibited in strong, supportive networks of adults (i.e., tribes), significantly increases the likelihood of at least three things for our children:

    1. Overall good health and well-being
    2. Resiliency— the ability to successfully face adversity
    3. Cooperation, motivation, and school success

    So, just imagine how powerful it is to connect with your tribe, especially when you or your child are overwhelmed or hurting!

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  • Easter Basket Bundle @ Bandera Pointe Market--The Best Kids Ice Pack & Egg-stra special Easter Treats All in One!

    Ready to Hop Down that Bunny Trail?
    Better have the best kids ice pack handy!

    Bring your kiddos some EGG-STRA joy while you Love Your TribeTM, get awesome "market-only" sale prices, sign up for free raffle giveaways, & prepare for Easter!

  • "Love Your Tribe" Sale @ Bandera Pointe Market, Feb. 13, 2021

    Do you want to calm & comfort your kiddos by adding an adorable, wearable wrap to your parenting tool kit?
    What about getting a limited edition, Love Your Tribe Ouchy Wrap JUST in time for Valentine's Day?
    What if you could Love YOUR Tribe while also supporting Steph's Tribe?
    Well, today is YOUR BIG CHANCE!
    To support our dear friend and mama bear of 4
    Stephanie Grigg Fletcher
    as she continues to heal from her battle with cancer, Ouchy Wrap will donate 30% of the proceeds from EVERY Love Your Tribe wrap purchase directly to the Fletcher family!
    There are only 100 Love Your Tribe wraps in stock, and you can only get them from our website, so order yours today to:
    * calm & comfort your kiddo
    * love on your tribe
    * and be a part of some radical generosity while loving on Steph's Tribe as the same time
    PSSST! Join our Promo Club, share your email address, enter code: STEPHSTRIBE at check out & get FREE SHIPPING!!!
    * A special THANK YOU to
    The Stitching Engineer
    for her amazing work & beautiful heart finishing these special customizations & even donating time toward our project❣
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