About Us

Developed by Amie Lapp Payne, Ph.D. the Ouchy Wrap® is a wearable ice pack for kids, with a removable gel pack. It's washable, reusable, and handsfree. What kids love about it most is that it is unbelievably soft and comfy. What parents love about it most is that it is a super convenient tool to help soothe the bumps and bruises of childhood. Most parents know the challenge of holding ice on an injury when their child gets hurt or has a fever, and as a mother of two very active twins, Amie found it twice as challenging.

As the president of Child & Family Solutions Consulting, Amie Payne's job was to help keep children safe. And through her research in human development and family studies, she learned that real healing involves so much more than basic first aid. Children, like all human beings, need to feel safe, comforted and loved. 

mother and child

Why Ouchy Wrap?

Research on therapeutic comfort clearly demonstrates the use of transitional and comfort objects to help soothe and comfort those experiencing pain, discomfort and/or trauma. And pediatric pain research shows that there are other things that offer comforting results aside from medication. A cool compress or soft stuffed toys are common tools used to soothe and distract from the pain. The Ouchy Wrap® combines these concepts into a functional and convenient tool for parents to keep on hand. 

Ouchy Wraps® are specifically designed to reduce sensory overload with the use of soft, flexible, moisture-wicking fabric. When a child is sick or injured, their senses are sent into overdrive, and everything in their world is heightened; and this is particularly the case for our friends with Autism and those who experience heightened sensory sensitivities. The patented Snug Tie™ ensures a quick and easy way to secure ice or heat without the need for noisy, complicated or abrasive fasteners like Velcro, buttons or clasps, calming and comforting your child fast.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists "unintentional falls" as one of the leading causes of non-fatal injuries for children 1-17 years old, while playground contusions and abrasions are the second-most frequent reasons for emergency room visits.

Kids fall. It's a part of learning to discover and navigate the world around them. 

But Amie has made it her life's work to help children feel safe. She wanted to create a product that would be like a functional security blanket children could turn to when those inevitable bumps and bruises come along. 


As a working mother, Amie Payne has also been intentional in choosing her team. She made it her goal to employ other moms who own small businesses to help in the production and distribution of her products. Ouchy Wraps® are manufactured and distributed in Texas, and they are safe for use in children and adults ages 3 and up.