Have You Found Your Tribe?

Hello, Ouchy Wrap® Supporters!

I am writing today to ask you an important question. I am wondering, “Have you found your tribe?”

Actually, I guess I am asking you two questions. You see, before we can know whether we have found our tribe, we also must answer the question of, “What is a tribe?”

There are a few different meanings for a “tribe," but the kind of tribe I am talking about is your chosen people. People who get you. People who love you for who you are. People who support you through thick and thin because they’ve got your back and you’ve got theirs. That’s my tribe.

Do you know about my friend, Stephanie ? She’s part of my tribe and I’m part of hers. In fact, she’s the inspiration behind our “Steph’s Tribe” wrap, a “Love Your Tribe™” Ouchy Wrap®.

Just to re-cap, at Ouchy Wrap®, we decided to create 100 specialty wraps in an effort to support Stephanie Fletcher and her family. Specifically, we are helping Stephanie offset medical and healing costs from her breast cancer. You see, over this past year when we were all isolating ourselves to keep from getting or spreading the Coronavirus, Steph also was isolating herself (and her family), so she could beat cancer. So she could live. So she could get through— and recover from— her double mastectomy successfully. She did. She is. And we are helping.

To date, we have reached 30% of our goal. So far, we have sold 30 “Love Your Tribe” wraps, bundles, and baskets and we have 70 more to go. Once we sell each of these 100 specialty wraps, we will be able to donate more than $800 to Stephanie Fletcher and her family. That’s how we are going to Love Our Tribe.

How do you Love Your Tribe? And, why I am showing you pictures of this adorable stuffed elephant and its accompanying book, “You’re Here for a Reason” (by Nancy Tillman)?

Because I want to help you love your tribe and I want to raise awareness. I want and need your help to spread awareness of Steph’s Tribe, of the Love Your Tribe Ouchy Wrap®; and of the opportunity to make a difference in the life of this mama bear of four who loves her family so very much and who is continuing to fight this battle of breast cancer by holding onto her healing like the prize fighter she is. And trust me, she is.

Would you like an opportunity to win this adorable Elephant?

What about this beautiful children’s book?

With beautiful messages about the importance of each person in this world, you and your loved ones will be sure to understand just how special each one of you is and that there truly is a tribe for every person.

Won’t you be part of our tribe as we work to support Stephanie and hers?

Between today and Mother’s Day (May 9, 2021), each person who is, or who becomes, a subscriber to our Ouchy Wrap® Promo Club will be eligible to win either this adorable stuffed elephant or this beautiful children’s book.

If you have joined our free Promo Club, you are already a part of our tribe, so please share this message with your own tribe🐘. Let’s remember how important it is to have each other’s backs and to love fiercely with all of our hearts.❣️

We are so grateful to you for being an Ouchy Wrap® supporter. At our Ouchy Wrap®, our mission is to comfort as many children and families as possible because we believe that everyone deserves to feel better fast.

Thank you for your business and for sharing our website, social media, and products with your friends and family.

Always remember to Love Your Tribe!❤️🐘Steph's Tribe, Love Your Tribe, Best Kids Ice Pack, Ouchy Wrap Promo Club raffle tribe gifts, soft stuffed elephant, children's book You Are Here for A Reason, Wearable Ice Pack for Kids with Removable Gel Pack

In health and comfort,


Amie Lapp Payne, Ph.D., Founder & Inventor

Ouchy Wrap LLC