Amie Lapp Payne, Ph.D., Founder

Amie Lapp Payne is the president of Child and Family Solutions, where she advises national organizations, private corporations, and government administrations on ways to effectively develop, analyze, promote and implement policies and initiatives that increase the quality of early education. In 2009, Amie Payne re-established her consulting business, providing expert advice primarily focused on regulatory, health and safety standards, and enforcement practices in early education, including Head Start and Pre-K programs; recently designed a Training of Trainers curriculum for the National Center on Early Childcare Quality Assurance (ECQA), and designed and executed an accompanying bilingual pilot test and evaluation across multiple locations, to benefit diverse early education and care providers as they Strengthen Compliance with Health and Safety Standards (SCHSS); provided consultation as an Implementation Planner for the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Grant to the City of Chicago through a multi-million dollar contract at the Office of Head Start.

Amie Payne has 25 years of experience across Local, State, Regional, and Federal sectors and specializes in the following: Executive Management, Policy Advisement, Training and Education, Early Learning Systems Collaboration, Program Support, Staff Management, and Research Examination and Presentation.